1. What jobs have you done other than being in the music industry?

– I’ve had some other jobs but I view my real job as improving my craft. I always put in the extra work for that. 

2. What memorable responses have you had to your music? 

– People have told me that my music is different. I appreciate that as an artist because I want to be my own out there in a world full of overdone. 

3. Whose work do you relate to most? Who inspires you? 

– Michael Jackson will always be my inspiration, I grew up listening to him. He was his own spirit. I respect that. 

4. Do you have a vision for your work?

– I just want to tell a story with my music. Everything I write about has a meaning and I hope people can relate. 

5. How do you think/want other people to respond to your music? 

– I just want people to enjoy it. I hope it helps them get through the same situations.

Artist Interview: Tadaris Lee @TadarisLee

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